Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Jonathans Storm-at-Sea for blogger's quilt festival fall 2012

Once again Blogger's Quilt Festival!
I was looking forward to it, since I found out, that there is another one in autumn!

Für die, die es noch nicht kennen: Das ist sowas wie ein Show an Tell im Internet.
Im Mai habe ich das erste Mal mitgemacht. Man kann sich stundenlang durch die gezeigten Quilts klicken und neue Blog Seiten kennenlernen.

Now it's time for Jonathans Quilt.

Storm-at-sea is my favourite block!
When the strom-at-sea TRIMplate Set by Wendy Mathson was new, I made three in a row.
I got the pirate fabric about two years ago and didn't want to cut it into small pieces.

So with my storm-at-sea mania the chance had come.
And for Jonathans seventh birthday last year, it was time for a new quilt anyway.
My son is becomes warm easily, so he said: " Mum, I want a quilt that ist only 2 milimeters thick!" That would be about an eighth inch! I choose a light cotton batting- fair enough.
The blues, turquoises and greens were from the scrap box. Some were really old - from my very patchwork beginnings, so it was quite nostalgic fun to use them.

The quilting is very subtle: just stitch in the ditch with clear monofil. With the thin batting it does not show much, so the focus stays on the patchwork pattern.

And here is a photo of the owner:

 We are Pocemon fans- I sometimes call him Keifel ;-)

4 Kommentare:

  1. Der Quilt sieht so toll aus! Das storm-at-sea Muster steht auch schon lange auf emienr to-do Liste.

  2. Oh its lovely - I love that pirate fabric! Thanks for sharing. #263

  3. I am so happy to see this! I like the quilt very much; it is a good match of block and fabric print. Also, I know Wendy Mathson (I was one of the earliest learners of her Trimplates method) and think she did such a clever thing, and made a difficult, but beautiful block, possible!